2012-2013 Calendar
Dates are Tentative!!

Date                    Activity                                                        Time              Location
23rd                  Senior Parking Lottery                                    2:30 pm           Aud                
27th                  Senior orientation                                         7:45 & 8:30        aud
28th                  Junior orientation/Herff Jones                     7:30 & 8:30        aud
29th                  Sophomore orientation                                 7:30 & 8:30        aud
                        Club sponsors & officers mtg                          2:30 pm          aud
30th                  Freshmen Orientation                                  7:30 & 8:30        aud
3rd                    No school…Labor Day
4th                    Booster Club meeting                                     7:00 PM          aud                 
5th                    Junior ring orders                                           Thru English    Rm 17
6th                    Junior ring orders                                            Thru English    Rm 17            
                        SGA reps due                                                  1st period
                        Pep Rally                                                         1:30                gym                      
7th                    Club Rush                                                       Lunches      Open Courtyard
                        Make up ring orders                                        lunches           breezeway
10th                  Make up ring orders                                        lunches           breezeway
                        Homecoming court meeting                           lunches             aud
11th                  Junior Magazine drive                                     Thru History    aud
                        9th Grade Election mtg                                    lunches            aud
12th                  Junior Magazine drive                                    Thru History    aud
                        Senior catalog drive                                           1:30              aud
13th                  Battle of the Bands                                           6:30 PM         aud
17th                  Teacher Plan Day
18th                  Homecoming ticket sale starts                       lunches             Rm 17
                        Senior Parent nite                                            7 pm               aud/gym
19th                  Senior Panoramic                                            7:30                  gym
                        Junior ring payment # 1                                 lunches            breezeway
20th                  Blood Drive                                            
                        Elections Homecoming & 9th grade               lunches          media ctr.
21st                  Blood Drive
                        SGA meeting                                                   7:30                 aud
24th                  Underclass pictures                                         all day              aud                      25th                  Underclass pictures                                         all day              aud.
                        Junior magazine $$ collection                        all day               rm 17
26th                  Teacher Plan day
                        Leadership camp                                             8-2                   cafe
27th                  Junior magazine  $$ collection                         all day              rm 17
28th                  Junior magazine $$ collection                         all day              rm 17                                                            
                        Senior catalog $$ collection                             all day              rm 17

10th                  ring payment # 2                                             lunches          breezeway
11th                  One Act show                                                  7 PM              aud
13th                  Hall decorating                                                8-2
15th                  Vamp rehearsal # 1                                          2:45-??           aud
16th                  Club Chaos                                                     3-5                 courts
17th                  PSAT TESTING
                        Vamp dress rehearsal                                      3-6                 aud
18th                  Viper Vamp                                                    7:30 pm          aud
19th                  Homecoming Game                                        7:30              Tropical Park
20th                  Homecoming Dance                                        7:30              Hyatt
22nd                 Senior Pep Rally sign up                                  lunches          rm 17
24th                  ring payment # 3                                              lunches         breezeway
25th                  Spooky Shadows                                             4:30-7:30
26th                  Teacher Plan Day
29th                  Hispanic Heritage  Show                                 all day            aud
                        Senior Tailgate sign up                                     lunches          rm 17
30th                  Hispanic Heritage Show                                  all day            aud
2nd                    Senior pep rally                                               1:00                 Gym
                        Senior Tailgate                                               4:30-6:30      Drivers Ed
6th                    Teacher Plan Day  No Opt                    
7th                    Ring payment # 4                                           lunches            breezeway
12th                  No School Veteran’s Day
13th                  Magnet Fair                                                           TBA
14th & 15th       Cap and Gown orders thru Gov/Eco               all day              aud
15th & 16th       Blood Drive
16th  & 19th      Make up Cap and gown orders                       lunches             rm 17
19th                   Thanksgiving baskets due                               10 am              rm 17
22nd & 23rd       Thanksgiving Break

3rd-7th             SENIOR DEBT WEEK
6th                   Ring payment # 5                                           lunches          breezeway
6th,7th & 10th  Ring ceremony ticket sales                             lunches              rm
                       Winter Pep Rally                                             1:15                 gym
11th                  Ring ceremony                                                7:00                gym     
12th & 13th     Holiday Showcase                                            7:00                aud                     
13th                Early Release
14th                Senior community service due!!!!
19th               Mr. Varela 2012                                                7:30                aud
20th                Holiday Luncheon
21st                Last day of school....winter break ...see you Jan. 7th  Happy New Year!


7th                    Welcome back to School
9th                    Senior Lunch ticket sales begin                         lunches           rm 17            
14th                  Senior movie night sign up                                lunches           rm 17
17th                  Early Release
                        Senior Movie Night                                            6:30               café
18th                  Teacher Plan day
21st                  No school Martin Luther King
1st                    Teacher Plan day  No Opt
6th-8th              Musical                                                               7 PM              aud
12th                  Senior Luncheon                                              all day        
14th                  Early Release
18th                  NO SCHOOL PRESIDENT’S DAY
26th-28th         Senior eligibility cards                                     Lunches        breezeway
28th                  SAT  in house
1st                   Grad Bash Meeting                                             7:30 am            aud
5th                   Coffee Night
7th                   Grad Bash ticket sale                                          4:30               café/aud
8th                   Spring Pep Rally                                                 1:15                 gym  
11th                 Student Chaperone meeting                                2:30                 rm 17                 
13th                 Awards committee                                               3:00              conf. room
14th                 Broadway ticket show                                         7 PM               aud
21st                 Last day for students..spring break 22nd-31st
22nd                 Teacher Plan Day

1st                    Return from break                  
9th                    Election mtg                                                    lunches           aud
                        Coffee Night
10th                  Adult chaperone meeting                                 2:30                aud
12th                  FCAT pep rally                                                 TBA
15th                  Prom tickets go on sale                                   lunches            rm 17
17th                  Awards ceremony                                            7:30 pm          aud                       
19th                  Final Grad Bash mtg                                        7:30 am          aud  
22nd                 Graduation speech try outs                               2:45                aud            
23rd                  Elections                                                          lunches       media ctr
26th                  Grad Bash

2nd                    Early release
                        Graduation mtg                                                7:30 am                gym
6th – 17th          AP EXAMS                                                  
16th                  Athletic Awards                                               TBA                     gym
21st                  Cap & Gown Distribution                              7:30–9:30             aud
22nd & 23rd       Dance show                                                      7 pm                    aud
27th                  No School
28th                  Teacher graduation meeting                             2:30                     aud
29th                  Music show                                                       7:30 pm              aud

FINAL  CAP AND GOWN  DISTRIBUTION                              TBA
GRADUATION                                                                              TBA