1. The following policy is for tardies to school (1st block) only.
  2. Students will be given one warning per nine weeks before disciplinary actions are taken for UNEXCUSED tardies.
  3. Upon the second unexcused tardy please follow the disciplinary guidelines below:
    1. Issue the student an Administrative Detention stating in the summary section of the referral form, “UNEXCUSED TARDY” and the number of unexcused tardies the student has within that 9 week period.
    2. Also in the summary section should be the date the student will be serving the detention.
  4. Once the teacher has written the detention on the Referral Form the teacher shall issue the student the pink copy of the Referral Form and turn in the remainder of the Referral Form to the Administration before the end of the same school day.
  5. As with Uniform Violations students that do not serve Administrative Detentions for UNEXCUSED tardies will be called down by the Administration and be issued 1-2 days of SCSI.
After 3 unexcused tardies to school do not issue detentions. Please submit a referral to the Administration that states “EXCESSIVE TARDIES” and the number of tardies within that 9 week period so that the student can be assigned to SCSI.